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  • 3 Salads in a Jar

    3 Salads in a Jar

    hey guys! I have been so busy lately with grad and finishing track season that I need to have quick and yummy lunches ready for school so here are 3 of my favourite salad recipes 🙂 I just put these in the fridge and in the morning dump it into a container and bring it…

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  • Sugar-free Banana Oat Cookies

    Sugar-free Banana Oat Cookies

    Hey guys!! I am LOVING scrolling through Pinterest and finding cute and healthy fall cookies to make and I found this recipe! If you click the link, you can watch a tutorial or you can read this post and see more pictures and how I changed the recipe a little 🙂

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  • Vegan Chai Bread Recipe

    Vegan Chai Bread Recipe

    Hello friends! I am SO excited for fall YAY I found this recipe while on Pinterest looking at dairy-free recipes (I am dairy free for my skin & stomach) and this screamed fall to me so I had to make it!! 😉 I am so not a baker! But recently, I have been loving making…

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  • Vegan Blackbean Fudge!!

    Vegan Blackbean Fudge!!

    Hey guys! I am not vegan but I have been loving trying different vegan recipes lately! And I admit, watching What the Health on Netflix did play a little role in that. My mom saw this recipe on Facebook and since I love it, we keep making it (just don’t tell my dad it’s made with…

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  • Homemade Banana Icecream!

    Homemade Banana Icecream!

    Hey guys!! Right now I am in Cuba but a while ago I found Margot Lee on Youtube and I love her videos!! From her modelling story, to try on hauls and recently she posted her vegan banana ice-cream recipe and I LOVED it! Here is my version:

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