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  • My Summer 2018 Bucket List

    My Summer 2018 Bucket List

    Summer is here and I love it! …except for this cold weather we have been stuck lately. To get me in the summer mood I though that I would share my summer bucket list! Maybe this will give you some ideas to get out of a rut this summer or to ry something new.

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  • My Beach Essentials

    My Beach Essentials

    Guys, spring break for grade schools is coming up pretty quickly. This year my family has decided to go to Mexico and I could not be more excited to get out of this dreary weather that we are having on the west coast right now. To get in the holiday spirit I thought that I…

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  • Pool/Beach Essentials

    Pool/Beach Essentials

    Sunglasses-so you are still able to open your eyes with the bright sun. Towel and/or blanket-to lay on at the beach and to dry off after swimming. Sunscreen-even if you put some one before you are out in the sun bring some for reapplication part way through the day. Don’t forget to sunscreen your lips!…

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  • Swimsuit Collection 2017

    Swimsuit Collection 2017

    Hey Guys, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend. In the Fraser Valley it is finally getting warm out and my family is getting ready to open up our pool for the summer. Since that is happening I thought I would share my swimsuit collection. I may have an addiction to buying new swimwear…

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  • Get Out and Do Something

    Get Out and Do Something

    Recently my family went to Banff, Alberta and while we were there, we shopped (DUH) and explored. My family loves to exercise so we biked into town a lot and did a few long hikes. Since the weather is nice and there are quite a few mountains in BC where I live, I thought I…

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  • Strawberry Yogurt Bark

      Okay, I know that for someone who doesn’t like to bake I sure love posting recipes! It’s true though. I do not like baking because most of the batter ends up in my mouth anyway and it makes me feel sick.   I also have little amount of patience… Most of the time I get my mom to…

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