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  • Travel Makeup Bag Musts

    Travel Makeup Bag Musts

    As some of you will know I am heading off to New York next weekend and as always I like to blog about things I am currently thinking about. Right now that is packing….and yes I know that we regularly post packing lists but as we grow up and travel more or lists lose teams…

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  • My Summer Skincare Routine

    My Summer Skincare Routine

    Hello friends! I still cannot believe it’s summer and we don’t have school for another 2 months, and then its our grad year AH!! Anyways, I have been getting a few questions on how I cleared my skin and what my skincare routine is lately so here is my SUMMER skincare routine and I will…

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  • How to get that summer GLOW!

    How to get that summer GLOW!

      Hi everybody! A few years ago, people were obsessed with having super matte skin and absolutely no shine, but this season, the more glowy your skin is the better!! I have fallen in love with the look of having a super hydrated complexion, and today I wanted to share some of my tips and…

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  • how to get glowy skin & lots of energy!!

    how to get glowy skin & lots of energy!!

    Hello Everybody! I am really not a coffee person, and I hate pop and sodas, but the one drink I loveee it lemon water! This past week I learned how much water affected my energy and my skin and I wanted to share my discoveries with you haha! Enjoy! Rebecca xo

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  • My Skincare Routine

    My Skincare Routine

    Hey guys today I thought I would share with you my skincare routine. It is nothing crazy but it is what I have been doing for a while now and love it. I hope this gives you some tips for products to use in the future! Products I use: Norwex Face cloth Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective™…

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  • Drugstore Makeup Haul

    Hello friends! With school creeping up on us, I decided to buy a bunch of new makeup. I have already tried these products out so I can tell you guys my thoughts on them and how they worked for me. Keep in mind that my makeup routine isn’t too complex in the mornings because I like…

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