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  • Mothers Day Rundown

    I missed you guys so much. I am sorry that I wasn’t able to write last week I was really busy but I am back now! Todays blog post I am going to show you how to make a cute and simple D.I.Y. and some other good ideas to keep in mind so that your…

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  • DIY paper flowers

     My mom and I were scrolling through Pintrest and found this super cute DIY for spring. To be honest I only made like 5 of these flowers because I’m horrible at crafts. These flowers took about 7 minutes each to make and you can put them as a center-piece or even give them to your mom for Mother’s…

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  • Gratitude Jar 2015

      HAPPY (almost) APRIL! Just before New Years I was on Pintrest and found a great idea I thought I would try. A Gratitude Jar. This is a jar that you write down your accomplished goals, LOL moments, highlights, daily blessings and other good things that happen to you that day. Do this everyday of the year…

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