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  • Travel Makeup Bag Musts

    Travel Makeup Bag Musts

    As some of you will know I am heading off to New York next weekend and as always I like to blog about things I am currently thinking about. Right now that is packing….and yes I know that we regularly post packing lists but as we grow up and travel more or lists lose teams…

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  • #b2swithbb Haul 2017

    #b2swithbb Haul 2017

    Hey Guys, we survived the first week of grade 12! These last 2 weeks I went to a few different places for back to school shopping and I thought I would share with you what I got. Instead of just showing you flatly of everything I got I thought I would film a try on…

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  • Back 2 School Must Haves 2017

    Back 2 School Must Haves 2017

    Hey guys I can’t believe back to school season is upon us! Right now I am still in Peru but I thought that I would share with you my back to school essentials. As a grade 12 student this year I have had many years to figure out what I do and don’t need so…

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  • Pool/Beach Essentials

    Pool/Beach Essentials

    Sunglasses-so you are still able to open your eyes with the bright sun. Towel and/or blanket-to lay on at the beach and to dry off after swimming. Sunscreen-even if you put some one before you are out in the sun bring some for reapplication part way through the day. Don’t forget to sunscreen your lips!…

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