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  • how to get glowy skin & lots of energy!!

    how to get glowy skin & lots of energy!!

    Hello Everybody! I am really not a coffee person, and I hate pop and sodas, but the one drink I loveee it lemon water! This past week I learned how much water affected my energy and my skin and I wanted to share my discoveries with you haha! Enjoy! Rebecca xo

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  • Fruit Infused Water for Summer

    Hello friends! How are you all? Lately I have been LOVING detox water and I bring it to school everyday to stay hydrated. But a few days ago I was on Pinterest (when am I not?) and I found some fruit infused waters that I decided to try and make a few up on my…

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  • Chia Seed Pudding

    I love feeling fresh and eating healthy (most of the time) so I was on the lookout for an easy chia seed pudding recipe. Chia seeds are extremely good for you as they have tons of protein and fiber which has many health benefits.  

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  • Strawberry Yogurt Bark

      Okay, I know that for someone who doesn’t like to bake I sure love posting recipes! It’s true though. I do not like baking because most of the batter ends up in my mouth anyway and it makes me feel sick.   I also have little amount of patience… Most of the time I get my mom to…

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