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  • My Beach Essentials

    My Beach Essentials

    Guys, spring break for grade schools is coming up pretty quickly. This year my family has decided to go to Mexico and I could not be more excited to get out of this dreary weather that we are having on the west coast right now. To get in the holiday spirit I thought that I…

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  • My 6 Snow Day Essentials

    My 6 Snow Day Essentials

    Hi friends, today I wanted to share with a snow related post with you since it is snowing at my house right now! For the past few years is hasn’t snowed much around Abbotsford for a few years and that has made it feel less like christmas. Now with the snow is starting to feel…

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  • Get Out and Do Something

    Get Out and Do Something

    Recently my family went to Banff, Alberta and while we were there, we shopped (DUH) and explored. My family loves to exercise so we biked into town a lot and did a few long hikes. Since the weather is nice and there are quite a few mountains in BC where I live, I thought I…

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