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  • Best BasicBloggerss Moments

    Best BasicBloggerss Moments

    I can not believe that the three of us working together has actually come to an end, it feels strange after over three years to not be working together. Since we have come to the end of an era I though that I would share some of my favourite moments from the past three years…

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  • What I Got For Christmas 2016

    Hey Guys so I know I promised a Cuba travel diary and the “What I got for Christmas” fad has pretty much come and gone but since my travel video is not finished, I thought I would share what I got for Christmas anyway. Don’t worry the travel diary will be up next weekend! I…

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  • 7 Trip Ideas

    7 Trip Ideas

    I first want to wish you a Happy New Year’s Eve! Now that Christmas is over and the break is coming to a close it is time to start thinking about spring break trip ideas! I love traveling and I thought that I would help you if you are stuck on where to go in…

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  • Airplane Jam Sesh

    Airplane Jam Sesh

    Merry Christmas Eve! We hope you have a great day today and tomorrow. Anyways, I am leaving for my christmas break trip to Cuba in a few days and I am so excited! One thing that I always have to have ready for my flights is a new playlist with music that I am starting…

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  • Acrylic Nails Review

    Acrylic Nails Review

    Hey Guys, today I wanted to share my experience and thoughts on acrylic nails. I have only ever gotten them twice so I am for sure not and expert on them but I you are curious keep reading!

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  • My 6 Snow Day Essentials

    My 6 Snow Day Essentials

    Hi friends, today I wanted to share with a snow related post with you since it is snowing at my house right now! For the past few years is hasn’t snowed much around Abbotsford for a few years and that has made it feel less like christmas. Now with the snow is starting to feel…

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