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  • Hi! I’m Back!!

    Hi! I’m Back!!

    Hey Friends it’s been a while! I don’t think I have posted on here since 2021 but I am back kinda…I don’t know if I will ever come back to posting every week but I want to start trying to post on here a bit more than 2 times every 2 years… Since it has…

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  • Back to School + 12 Things

    Back to School + 12 Things

    I have officially been back in school for a week now and I know that some of you have been back for longer. My school is all online this fall and I can say that it is not my favourite form of school. There is something about being in a classroom, even if you don’t…

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  • New Year + 12 Things

    New Year + 12 Things

    Hey loves, it has been a while since I just updated you on what is going on in my life so I thought that I would round up some things that have been going on!

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  • 12 Things Life Update…

    12 Things Life Update…

    Hey loves, hope that you guys are doing well. Fall is upon us friends and I am over the moon about it. Also it has been a hot minute since I talked to you about my day to day life so I figured it was about time to share A life update with you guys.

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