Hey, I’m Vienna! I am born and raised in the Lower Mainland, BC. I love expressing myself through fashion and makeup.

Your gal over here is 5’2″ but still loves everything fashion. I have always been a fashionista at heart! My parents could not dresss me after the age of 7… 

Traveling has always been a passion of mine; I believe experiencing new cultures gives you a new outlook on your life and I love sharing a part of my travels with you guys.

I find blogging a fun and creative way to share all my passions with others and share new experiences as well as share how Jesus is working through me! 

xoxo Vienna


How old are you? I am 20 years old and not ready to grow up!

Are you in school/what do you study? I studied biblical studies abroad in Germany for a year and now I am at my local university studying Kinesiology!

How long have you been blogging? Going on 6 years…wow that is crazy to think about. Marley and I started in grade 9!

How do you travel all the time? My parents have the travel bug and they love going on vacation and taking the fam with them. I also am always saving up for future vacations!

How do you start blogging? Just do it. Start.