How I am seeing My friends this Christmas in Quarantine

This holiday season has been looking a bit different for many of us. It has been a big bummer that we have not been able to see and hang out with friends and family during a time that is centred around them. My friends and I still wanted to do something special for the season and I wanted to share with you what we planned for our Friends Christmas. This might give you an idea on what you could do with friends or family we can’t see in person right now.

The gifts: We all set a price limit like normal and got the gifts. Then we did contactless drop offs at each-there houses for the day. We still havent opened them and I am dying. You can also sip the gifts directly to their house if you don’t live in the same city or you don’t want to hassle of dropping it off.

The night: We set a time and day to get together on zoom. We also got ourselves ready with our own drinks and gear to make our own gingerbread houses. Then over zoom we made houses and open presents. We had lots of laughs and it is the perfect way to see each other safely. After our zoom call we all joined a Netflix part(where you can watch Netflix all together at the same exact time and have a chat going on the side) and watched a Christmas movie in our pjs.

I think this is the best and most fun way to have as normal of a Christmas as possible. I would love to see your zoom Christmas parties! Tag me on instagram at @viennajanee