Jewelry is a way to really enhance an outfit. It can take any outfit from just thrown on to a classic put together fit. I have always loved jewelry ever since I was a little girl. My issue has always been finding good staples that I can just put on every day with whatever I am wearing.

I have never been one to really switch up my jewelry much…I don’t like to think about what looks best together. Today I wanted to share some of my favourite everyday pieces that I wear all the time as well as some other really cute options that I love! This post is my curated collection of jewelry.

Lately I have really been loving gold jewelry. It is a very on trend metal as of late but it is always classic as well. I wanted to share some of my favourite earrings, rings, and necklaces. I am a big ring girl so I have a bit more say on that category but /I am always wearing earrings and necklaces as well!


A good pair of hoops. I love these to spice up any outfit and I don’t have to think about it.

AuRate LavendarandGrace

Everyday studs. What I live in. I usually get some good ones and then never take the out. That way I always have earrings in and they don’t bother me while I sleep.

Finches Jewelry Mejuri


Thick bands. Adding a different width band can really spice up your rings. Most bands are really thing so this can just break those up.

Mejuri Chloe

Singet rings. I love a good signet ring as a pinky ring. I really just love pinky rings and these are the perfect rings for that in my opinion.

AuRate Mejuri

Dainty gems. For every-day jewels I don’t like to add to many gems as I get annoyed when they fall out and I have to buy a new one but getting one or to to break up the all the metal is really important.

Finches Jewelry LavenderandGrace


Plain chain. Again this is something that I wear and never take off…It is also nice to have and then you can add any pendants you want to it to get a different look.

AuRate Unoarre

Name choker/necklace. I don’t have one of these but I really want one. A very classy necklace to layer with as it looks very different compared to plain chains or a pendant necklace.

MyNameNecklace AuRate

Lock/Locket necklace. I found my favourite LV lock on depot, a place to resell clothing and accessories.

Depop(an app) Dalmata

What are some of your favourite jewelry pieces?

I hope that you enjoyed todays post and got some inspiration and ideas on what staple jewels you need to your jewelry box!

until next time,

xoxox Vienna

*This blog post is in collaboration with Nakturnal!


Written by Vienna

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