Hey loves, it has been a while since I just updated you on what is going on in my life so I thought that I would round up some things that have been going on!

1. I just got my ear pierced today! A conch piercing that I have wanted for the last few years. It hurt a little bit but I can not wait to change it to a cute hoop in the next year.

2. I am not in my Kinesiology program at school and I am so excited to be learning about nutrition and the human body!

3. It snowed for the first time this winter yesterday and I love the snow unless I have to drive in it and it is supposed to snow again during the week and I am not looking forward to driving to school in the snow…

4. I messed up with a collaboration that I was doing with a company over the break which got me super stressed out but I think that I finally go it figured out which is great because I would not have liked to spend and extra $200 where I don’t need to!

5. I really miss Hawaii, I have now been back for a week and all that I want to do is sit on the North Shore watching surfers, eating smoothie and poke bowels…

6. I just saw Little Women recently and loved it. It is a movie I will most likely be rewatching over and over again when it comes out of the theatres. I will admit that Timothee Chalamet is also pretty good looking…

7. Lately, I have been loving listening to the likes of BROCKHAMPTON, Aries, Keven Abstract, Oliver Tree, Matt Champion, Wallows, and Billie Eilish.

8. Tik Tok is one of my current obsessions… It is so entertaining and I could sit on that app for hours. If you want to take a peek at what I have created my username is vienna.jane

9. I am selling clothes on my de-pop now! If you want to check that out as well to buy some pieces that I don’t wear anymore it is also vienna.jane

10. It is 2020 which means I turn 20 this year and that is such a strange thought. I need help on deciding what to do for my birthday…

11. My new favourite pair of pants are ones that I got while I was away in Hawaii from Anthropologie. Normally I don’t get much for myself there as it can be quite expensive but I went in and found a pair of pants that were on sale from $110 to $37! I mean score!!!

12. There is a giveaway that I am partnering with Jord Watches! click this link to enter! https://www.woodwatches.com/g/basicbloggerss


Written by Vienna

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