Ok lovelies, we are in the midst of vacation season and I know I have made many posts like this but I love writing them and they are some of my favourite posts to read so I thought that I would give you my updated list! These are some things that I will definitely be carrying in my carry-on while travelling this year to make the experience just that much better!

  1. Fluffy Socks. I hate wearing my shoes on the plane, the get so uncomfortable from the change in pressure so I always love to bring a pair of socks to change into on the plane like slippers.
  2. Deodorant and/or Perfume. I mean I feel like I don’t have to explain this but I always feel better if I have something to freshen up with after a flight.
  3. A Book. I don’t like to be looking at a device the whole time so reading a book or listening to music is something that I really enjoy doing on the plane.
  4. Face Mask. Make sure that it can come through security but you will have so much time on the plane and the air pressure is not the best on your skin so it is a prime place to do a hydrating face mask.
  5. Headphones. I just thought that this was something that I needed to put on this list but we all know why this is a necessity.
  6. Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste. Another great way to freshen up after a long flight!
  7. Phone charger cord and/or portable charger.
  8. A Snack. Airplane food is gross most of the time, lets not sugar coat it so it is always a good idea to bring a small snack. Make sure that it is something that you are allowed to bring through security and across borders though!
  9. Change of clothes. If you are bringing a larger carry on this is really nice to have. If your clothes end up dirty while travelling or if your luggage does, unfortunately, get lost having an extra set of clothes is a really nice thing to have. This includes undergarments!
  10. Hand Sanitizer. Airports are not the cleanest spaces that is for sure so it is great to have a travel hand sanitizer for when you want to eat or anything else that requires clean hands.
  11. And Empty Water Bottle. Make sure that this is empty before going through security, you don’t know how many time a friend or I have had to chug our water… but once you get through this is a great way to save money by not having to buy a single-use water bottle.


Written by Vienna

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