5 Tips To Look Expensive

All over the internet I have seen that fashion trends have started to become the high end, name brand pieces. It is not all of a sudden just the look that everyone if going for but the label that is attached to it. I might just be seeing this now as I am starting to grow older and looking at different influencers than I did a few years ago it luxury brands just seem to be all up in my face all of a sudden. Today I wanted to talk about how I make a look seem expensive for less.

  1. A couple splurge items. My favourite way to work this trend is to have a few more expensive pieces in my wardrobe that I can pair with almost any outfit. For example, my Doc Martins, or I recently purchased a Louis Vuitton lock necklace that I can style so many ways. Pairing these pieces with more affordable clothing gives a more wallet-friendly outfit a luxury feel.
  2. Buy Second Hand. My new found hobby has been searching through online places like Depop and Threadup to find the best deals from clothing brands that are a bit out of my price range. They are websites that sell preloved pieces. I love this because it is way better for the environment than buying new clothes as well as they have some amazing deals! Like for example the LV necklace that I have I got off Depop for $90 whereas I have seen it other places for $150+.
  3. Buy lots of basic pieces to layer. Taking a bunch of simple but elegant pieces and layering them can create a super cute luxury style look. Also having a lot of basics in different textures can create a luxury vibe. Then you also don’t have to buy as many pieces since every piece goes with multiple things creating so many looks.
  4. Neutrals give off an expensive look. One of my favourite influencers names in Kelsey Simone. She wears only neutrals and it gives off a very elegant style. She also is someone that pairs simple pieces with one designer item to finish off the luxury style.
  5. Don’t shop at fast fashion places. No matter how much you want the latest trend shopping at places like H&M and Forever 21 look less expensive. As I said just buy basics. And buy them from a mid-level brand so that they look like well-made pieces and then they will last you a loooooong time.

I hope this helps because I know that we can not all afford to buy all the luxury items that some of our favourite influencers wear but we still want to dress in that luxury style!

love you guys lots,

until next time, xoxo