Hey lovelies, I hope that you you are having a great weekend so far. Happy Thanksgiving to all you fellow Canadians. I hope you get to enjoy a nice turkey, or whatever you eat on thanksgiving, dinner! Today I want to share with you a few ways that I style my new satin dress that I just got from Forever 21, just in time for your family and friend dinners. I have been seining this type of dress and skirt all over for fall so I had to snag myself one. I hope that you enjoy this post.

  1. Put a Jacket on. Throwing a jacket onto any outfit can transform it. My favourite is a leather jacket. And then to complete the edgy look I went for a pair of Doc Martens.

2. Throw a sweater over it! I see the skirt version of this all the time as well but I don’t want to have both pieces in my wardrobe when I just need one. All you need to do to create this cute tucked in look with a sweater of a shirt is a belt then tuck the bottom of the top under the belt! I also dressed it down by wearing long socks and chunky runners!

3. Try an underneath layer. Any cute turtleneck or t-shirt would be super cute under a dress like this. Something to make the dress pop over top. I also paired it with a cute pair of black booties but you could easily dress it down with some cute sneakers.

Until next week, xoxo



Written by Vienna

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