Hey guys hope that your week went well. Since y’all were no help on Instagram when I asked you if I should post about my routine on Instagram or here I thought that I would share it will you guys on here! I have not gotten much into skincare until the last few years so bear with me and my skincare routine…

Step One: is, of course, washing all the makeup and grime off my face from the day. I do this using a norwex cloth that is perfect for taking everything off without the need for other makeup removers. I swear I am not sponsored but I live by this cloth.

Step Two: I cleanse my face using my og Kiehl’s exfoliator to get any excess gunk on my face that my cloth did not get and really getting in to clean my skin. Now I do not use this every night because I have heard that over-cleansing your face can be a problem but I especially use this when I am taking off my makeup in the shower at night.

Step Three: I use my second Kiehl’s product, but only if I have any breakouts. This is a spot treatment that dries out the pimple. I like this better since e I don’t struggle with much acne so it is a great quick fix that will help it heal in a few days. It is also great because instead of drying out your whole face it only dries out the one spot.

Step Four: I use my hyaluronic acid, as you may have seen me talk about on my instagram. It makes you skin look more supple, bringing the moister to the surface of you skin without bringing excess oils that a normal moisturizer does.

Step Five: I use this neck firming cream and I know what you are all thinking…what the heck?! why do you use any anti aging products?! I use them as a preventative measure. You can never start using creams and taking care of you skin too soon! And I apply this to my neck and chest. Also guys, it smells really good!

Step Six: And then once in a while aka when I remember I like to use this settle down spray to calm my mind and get me ready to sleep.

Step Seven: SLEEP!!!

I hope that you enjoyed, love you all so much and thank you for reading!

until next time, xoxo



Written by Vienna

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