7 Fall Trends

I feel like this is becoming a “trend” on my page…trend haha get it…nevermind. But today I wanted to share some of my favourite trends that are surfacing for this fall and what is coming back from last year! I hope that you get some inspo for this upcoming season.


I have been starting to see satin popping up everywhere in stores just in time for fall. Super cute for dresses and skirts paired with a cozy cardigan or sweater.


Some of my favourite bloggers have been rocking cardigans in this summer to fall transition time and I bet it will continue to pick up speed for the rest of the season.

Leather Boots.

Not over the knee like the last few years just knee high. It is a trend again I have been seeing pop up over so many Instagram influencers. It is a nice knee high leather boot. I am in love!

Or Just Leather Everything…

Scratch just the leather boots, it is leather everything. I saw this all over Europe in the winter last year and I have walked in to many stores already this season and noticed all the leather is coming back full force with pants, jackets, and skirts.

Checkered Pants.

I am always a fan of this trend. This fall/winter I find that instead of the legging, skinny look that has been popular before it is a looser cargo type pant.


I read this was a fall trend and I was like wait, hold up…I love fleece for camping but in my everyday style? I am all for it though. All the typical Patagonia jackets are coming in friends according to Elle!

Puffer Jackets.

This are coming back from last year. Now the fleece jackets are taking the spotlight but these babies have not died out yet. I never picked one up last year and I am so tempted to get one this year.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. I love creating and sharing them with you!

Until next time, xoxo