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I love going up to Whistler with my family in summer and in winter to get away from home but not go too far. As I am writing this post I am actually in Whistler! Today I wanted to share some of my favourite things to do in Whistler (summer and winter) for you guys to try when you end up in Whistler!

Mongolie Grill.

This is my favourite restaurant in all of Whistler village. It is a make you own stir fry – they cook it in front of you place. It is a bit on the pricey side even for Whistler food but if you go for lunch/before 4 it is cheaper.


Such a great ice cream shop, iconic to Whistler. It does get super busy though so if you don’t need all the hilarious paraphernalia going to the shop across the bridge is your best option. I even always go when I am up in winter.

Train Wreck

I went here for the first time this summer and it was pretty cool. It is a short hike to a bunch of train cars that crashed year ago. They now use it as a graffiti park! So if you are at all into graffiti don’t forget to bring your own spray paint, and a good camera for many photo ops. I am not sure what it is like/if it is open in winter but it is great in the summer.


Something that you definitely have to do once when you are in whistler. It is a bit pricey but so fun. I recommend any type of ziplining package because they are all fun. I will admit that Sasquatch is my favourite! The longest zipline in North America. This is only open in the summer.

7th Heaven

This is my favourite place to board in the winter on a nice day. The sun hits the side of the mountain just right and it has a gorgeous view. It is also one of the areas of the mountain that is open in the summer to walk around.

Lost Lake

This is such a nice place to go if you want a lake day super close to the village. It is only a short walk through a pretty trail and the you can have a fun little lake day with a gorgeous view.

Joffre Lake

This has amazing lake views and it is only a moderate hike and hour outside of Whistler. It is a super popular place now a days to take insta shots so I would recommend going early in the morning to avoid the crowds of people.

I hope that this gave you a few ideas on what to do in Whistler the next time you are up there.

Until next time, xoxo



Written by Vienna

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