Hey Friends, sorry that I have been slacking lately I will try to be on my A game from now on…every Saturday. Today I want to share with you something that I don’t think that I have ever shared before. I wanted to share with you loosely the way that I edit my photos on Instagram. I think that it is so crazy editing photos, it is almost an art in my opinion and it looks different fore everyone because everyone has different tastes in photo editing. I hope that you get some tips from this and try a bit out for yourself.

Before After

These are step by step pictures on how I edit my photos on the free lightroom app from the lighting to colour to detailing!

I am not a huge fan of lots of colour so I always turn the vibrancy and saturation down.
I have red undertones in my skin so I always take the red out and make it more orange than pink.
This make the skin look more sun kissed.
I like to take certain colours out and make other more vibrant even if they are not in that exact photo so that all my photos match.
These things just clear up the photo, make it crisp.

So these are not the exact numbers as I adjust them to each specific photo so they don’t look crazy but this is the general idea on how I edit.

I hope that you enjoyed this post.

Love you lots, until next time

xoxo Vienna


Written by Vienna

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