7 Summer Fashion Trends

Hey friends. As you may know finding the newest style of the season, even if you can’t afford them or don’t have them yet is one of my favourite things to share with you! It causes me to do some research and what not. Today I wanted to share with you some of my favourite summer fashion trends.

  1. Biker Shorts

This trend took the world by storm a few a year or so ago becoming popular by Kim Kardashian. I love love love the classy casual style and this is perfect for that. It is so versitile and fun.

2. Lock & Chain Necklaces

A new trend that I have just started to see pop up everywhere are Cuban chains and love necklaces paired with a more laid back chic style. I love this trend but have not totally hopped on the bandwagon and buying one for myself yet!

3. Girly White Blouse

I have no other way to describe this style because it is actually any cute ruffly, embroidered top that has this similar style. I have loved this look for summer and I have a feeling that the dark colours are really going to carry on to fall. Especilly the puffy shoulder tops.

4. Neon Green

Neon green…is a trend that I have been seeing all over the hype beast scene and is now coming over to other fashion styles. It is definatly the brightest colour I have seen in the past few years but I will hope to find some in some shops in my area soon. A perfect bright colour for your summer wardrobe.

5. Dad Sneakers

The trend that I have not yet hopped on but am dying to get my hands on. I have been in lve with the sneaker trend for a while, always wearing my adidas sneakers and now they have just become more chunky and more fun. two words: I need.

6. Long Bob

I have been in a hair crisis for a hot minute, not knowing what to do with my hair. If I was someone who put heat on her hair a lot this would be my go to hairstyle. It is so chic but still has movment and is long enough to do some cute styles with.

7. Button Up w/ Shorts

Last but not least this cute style. It is super laid back but so chic. I love that i can just throw this look on and it looks so cute, perfect with my Doc Martens!

Until next time, xoxo