I just finishing planning a friends prom party for fun and I though that it would be fun to share about how I did it and etc.

I have always loved planning my own party’s. Birthday parties, summer parties, and then my own prom party last year it is safe to say that I love planning!

Today I just wanted to show you everything that I did for the party planning and decorating wise with some pictures that I took that night.

Photo Wall

We nailed 6 palettes together and a stand behind it. All the wood is second-hand that we got from construction. That is the easy part.

The garland I also made from scratch. I bought 2m of 4 different colours that all have different textures. You can use as many textures as you would like, the more the merrier but a small colour pallet is best. I cut strips between 1/2-2 inches thick. Then I looped them on in no particular order over a piece of twine. until I go my desired length.

Then we added the 2019 balloons, we had to tie them down because of the wind. We also added the carpet, bench and pillows to go with the theme. It is not necessary to add these it just adds to the overall look, it makes it look finished.


The dad of the grad mad this table for us as he is in construction but another option is to use pallets and put plywood on top as the table top.

For the pillows, we took a bunch around our house and borrowed from friends. Then we bought the needed amount of fabric needed to cover all the pillows and sewed…

The runner was also made of fabric that we picked up from the fabric store and cut in half then cleaned the edges. Because of the wind, we ended up stapling to the table.

We made the flower arrangements, out of flowers we found around our yards to save a few bucks. But you could easily get arrangments made or get flowers at a shop around!

Table Settings

We made them more simple because there was so much else going on with the decorations. We got 4 different coloured napkins that match the colour scheme from Ikea. Then I took the extra strips of fabric from the garland and wrapped it around the plate!

Ice Cream Bar

How I created the sign was I took card stock and cut it into a banner shape. Then I bought some glitter sticky letters instead of cutting them out of paper myself. I still had a bit extra fabric strips so I added one cluster to each end of the sign, tying in the garland and the table to the ice cream bar.

Then we only added a few toppings so as not to go overboard and used the same napkins as the table.

Note Table

This is one of my favourite parts out of all the decorations. I set up a small table with stationary for all the guest to write a little something to the grad! It gives a personal tough that will be with the grad after the part is all over.


Under the pergola was a table that we matched with the long one on the grass. We took enough fabric to cover the top of the pergola of matching colours to the rest of the yard. We draped them and stapled them on.

It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. I hope that you enjoyed this post and that it may help you for any future party!

until next time




Written by Vienna

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