Hair On The GO

Ok, guys, it has been over a month since I came back from my fabulous Europian adventure and I am still having withdrawals…But anyways I am a huge lover of travel and looking good while traveling with the least amount of effort. Today with one of my best friends that I met out in Germany want to share some of our go-to hairstyles when we are traveling! I hope that you like this and it helps you to look good easily!

Before we get into the hair looks I thought that Abby should introduce herself a little bit. BTW if you are not following her and reading her blog what are you doing in life?!?!?!

Hey Guys, It’s Abby! I’m a 19 year old blogger from Minnesota and love traveling. I like to explore fun places and see the world. I am currently a university student and work for a pro race series that travel around the U.S. giving me tons of opportunity to see different states.

Hairstyle #1

Hey guys! So this is a hairstyle I chose to do all the time while living abroad beacuse it is so simple but really adds something fun. It’s perfect for hair that’s messy or if you’re sitting on buses and planes.

I start by Dutch braiding both sides of my hair (part your hair wherever you’d like) and then throw it into a super messy bun in the back. No bobby pins, just one ponytail holder and the messier the bun the better. Super simple, and it looks like you are trying even though you probabl haven’t washed your hair in a while.

Hairstyle #2

I wear this hairstyle waaaaay too much but it is so simple and usually looks so good. I love me a good slick back bun. It is super sleek and stylish with the most minimal effort. If the middle part look is not for you try different parts. If I am not feeling the slick back bun look I like to make it a loser bun with strands framing my face.

With the different looks, I also use different hair elastics. For a more slick back look I like my hair tighter so I will use a regular fabric elastic but for a more lose/messy bun I will use my favourite coil elastics.

I also have a huge secret to tell you(if you see this comment big secret on my latest insta) but if your hair is starting to get greasy but you don’t have time to do a full wash the grease helps to create the slick back look. I know it is gross to admit but I try to go as long as possible without washing my hair.

Hairstyle #3

This is also super simple but it really depends on if you want to be lugging around a heat tool while traveling or not. But I like to wear this hair style for as long as I can. I usually like to curl my hair in tighter curls then I actually want for the first day and then just brush through my hair the days following.

This hairstyle can also depend on the climate of where you are and how your hair holds a curl. Even if my hair gets greasy sometimes I will just spry some dry shampoo and call it a day.

For the rest of our looks head over to Abby’s channel! An check out all her social medias.

Thank you so much for reading, love you all

until next time,

xoxo Vienna