I am the kind of girl who doesn’t like to switch up my accessories all the time but have my everyday staples that I don’t have to put much thought into on the day-to-day. Today I wanted to share with you my pieces that I am constanly wearing! I hope that you enjoy and find some inspiration out of this!

My Black Purse. I am the kind of girl that does not like to switch purses or bags all the time. I have one staple backpack and one staple purse, black of course. I like them to be a very classic style so that they can go with just about anything. Having a cute bag is also a great way to complete an outfit. I also spice it up by adding a scarf or a keychain to it.

Rose Gold Hoops. Or any kind of hoops for that matter, I just love rose gold jewelry. Midsize hoops have become a popular trend these past few years especially this last year. Again I love a good pair of simple ones because they go with almost anything and I don’t have to think too much.

A Dainty Bangle or Two. I have tried bracelets many times with no luck. What I have learned personally if I want bracelets to wear every day they have to be versatile, not much colour or too detailed, and it should come naturally. Don’t force it. I have two bracelets that have become my go too. I have a beaded white one and a thin rose gold bangle that I wear all the time.

Sunglasses. I am a huge lover of sunglasses, they are one of my favourite accessories. Having a nice classic pair of sunglasses for me is what completes my outfit, especially since I am not super creative in the hair department. I do love having many pairs of cheap sunglasses though to mix an match with outfits.

Thank you so much for reading!

Until next time

xoxo Vienna


Written by Vienna

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