Questions You Might Have About Traveling Europe, answered

Ok…the plan is from here on out I am posting every week. I am not longer going on random trips this summer so I am going hardcore on all the content and no promises but I might try and post twice a week.

This week I want to share a few more things about Europe that are things you will most likely need to know, especially if you have never traveled in Europe before.

I was going to do another travel diary series for you like I did over Christmas but I have a feeling that you might get bored of that because I already am and I have not even posted any of them…You can also see them as the videos start popping up on Youtube semi weekly. But lets hope right into this post!

1. Visas. The first thing that you might need to know is that if you are staying in the Schengen Area of Europe you have a total of 90 days to explore before you might get “kicked out” and another 90 days outside of the Schengen Area. If you are planning to stay longer than that you need a long-term visa. Any questions about that it is better to ask the Germany embassy in you country (ex. in Canada there German Embassy is in Toronto).

2. Transportation. In Europe there are a lot of ways to travel around the continent from plane to train to car easily and they all can be inexpensive! When I was traveling around we traveled mainly by train. If you know that you are going to be buying multiple train passes I would recommend looking at getting a Eurail pass as it may be cheaper and it also lets you be more flexible. High speed trains are where it is at!

If you are wanting to fly on a budget Ryanair is a great place to look for cheap flights. Just be careful to remember that there are no luxuries and you have to pay for everything you bring on.

When traveling buy car it is best to get an international driving permit if you are close to any borders even if you are in a country that does not need one. There are some countries that do and others that don’t so in case you get stopped but a patrol officer it is better to be safe than sorry.

3. Add to the Budget. When I was traveling around Europe I had budgeted a bit before my trip, but unfortunately there were some things that I did not expect to pay for. Being from North America I am used to having free tap water and free public bathrooms. That is not usually the case when traveling Europe…When using a public bathroom expect to pay 50 euro cents to 1 euro and buying bottled water is usually around 2-4 euros. But a nice thing about shopping in Europe is NO TAX!!!

4. Travel Insurance. This is just something that would recommend doing just to give you some peace of mind while traveling. It is more of an incase measure but it is nice and not super expensive.

5. Hostels. When looking at places to stay in Europe I would suggest looking at Airbnb first. Sometimes they can be cheaper and cleaner than a hostel but hostels can be a fun experience to meet friends from different places if you are interested in that.

I hope this helps you a little bit on your next big adventure! I love you lots, thank you so much for reading!

until next time,

xoxo Vienna