Hey guys, long time no see. Sorry that I went MIA on here for the past month as I was traveling around Europe, but I am back again and ready to share all about my trip…starting next week! Today I wanted to give you some advice that I learned packing wise.

Traveling for a month can be tricky when you want to look cute every day while traveling. But as I have now done this while shibang twice while I have been away I have learned some of the best ways to do just that!

  1. Pack lots of basics. I like to pack pieces that go with most outfits so that I can mix and match super easily. I do still always bring a few funky pieces to mix up my look and not have a totally basic outfit.
  2. If possible, sharing closets. I was super lucky to be able to fit most of my friend’s clothes when on vacation. When you can do this you don’t have to pack as much of your own clothes and you get pieces you are not potentially tired of from wearing all the time!
  3. Coordinate colours/ have a colour palette. This goes along with the idea of packing basics because it helps everything go together. Then you don’t have to pack as many outfits because with only a few pieces you can put together a bunch of cute outfits.
  4. Organize clothing. I used a backpack so the organization was key. I split up each category of clothing so that I dont have to dig around for whatever I am looking for.
  5. Accessories. A great way to spice up any look and change it up.


Written by Vienna

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