Hey guys, hope that you are doing well. Today I was having trouble figuring out what I wanted to share with you guys and so I went online to find some blog post ideas. Yes, I do that from time to time because it gives me new ideas that I may not have thought of before! When I was on there I found an idea to share what my newest pieces that I have added to my closet are and I thought that I would share mine with you as well as share how I would/have been styling them!

One of the newest pieces I have is this orange sweater! I know that we are close to spring and warmer weather but I am going to hold on to sweater weather as long as possible. I have to say that this sweater is a lot brighter than the normal colours that I wear but it is so fun.

I like to pair this usually with something darker/more muted. These leather pants are my favourite. I also pair them with my black skinny jeans. I also have this forest green sweater that I wear the same way. Sometimes I will also wear this sweater with checkered pants.

Another newer piece that I have is this plain white t-shirt. I having been really loving t-shirts more than ever. This plain white one is great to pair with thinks that have a crazier pattern. I love how you can either keep the look casual with jeans or dress down something that is a bit fancier.

When I wear a t-shirt I like to add more jewelry and a nice belt.

I also have this super cute Levi’s shirt that I love to wear the same way.

And then this other t-shirt I have is a bit nicer and I love to wear it with light wash jeans and sometimes a cute hat.

The pants that I am wearing with the last shirt is also is a new addition to my closet. I have been running low on pants lately…I am also loving light wash jeans right now. They really lighten up a look for spring. Wearing them with t-shirts in one of my favourite looks at the moment. It doesn’t take to much effort and always looks good. I also like to layer my checkered jacket over it too!

Lastly I have these new checkered pants. I have not had a chance to wear them yet but I am so excited to wear them. They are a different cut than most of my pants. I am most likely to pair them with a cute plain white off the shoulder top or something else plain that goes with this colour scheme.

I hope that you enjoyed this post! Love you guys so much, until next time

xoxo Vienna


Written by Vienna

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