Trends I have been loving, and looking forward to in Spring!

Hey Friends, I hope that you are doing well. I have been enjoying the sun recently. It is truly starting to feel like spring over here unlike what I am told it is like back home, full of snow… Since I am getting the spring feels, already starting spring cleaning and all I thought that I would share some of my favourite trends that are being brought over from last season and some that I am looking forward to this next season.

Thick Belts. This trend started last year but I am still loving it and living for it. It started with the classic Gucci belt but since not all of us can afford or want that label…getting thick belts with a simple statement buckle. I love this because it really completes a look.

Hair Scarves. For the last few seasons hair scarves have been worn like a head band but now they are coming in style around pony tails and messy buns. This is so cute. Also if you have a hair scarf but don’t feel like wearing it for the day you can tie it around your bag strap for a cute look as well/

Polka dots. I have read that during these past fashion weeks polka dots have been coming back more. I am so happy for this because I got a few pieces for future travels that are polka dotted. It is also just a super cute pattern just like leopard!

Oversized Jean Jackets. Wearing an oversized jean jacket over a cute spring dress is such a cute look for this season.

Birkenstocks. Yesssssssss, birks are coming more and more into fashion. They are such a comfortable shoe and have so many patterns to fit a look. Metallic birks are what are really popular right now but I love them all and if you style them right, can look very cute.

Hoops. I remember the last time hoops were really trendy was when I was in middle school and I wore hoops that were as big as bangles. Now they are not always tas big and they are funky patterns and I love them.

Belt Bags. These are probably one of my favourites. I remember the first the first time that I saw belt bags coming back was last April around Coachella. After that I got one and I am happy that they are still in for when I am traveling around Europe.

Lavender and Metallic Blush. These are colours that are in for this season. They have become some of my favourites as of recently so I am all for this trend. They are nice light colours, perfect for spring.

Hair Clips. This trend…is giving me so many problems. I am trying to get into it and buy some cute clips but I am a student livin on a budget so I can’t afford most of the ones I want. But overall I am all for this trend and I want it to live for a long time.

I hope that you enjoyed this post. They are some of my favourite to put out, researching new styles for the next season! Until next time,
xoxo Vienna

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