Hey beautiful friends of the Internet. Today I wanted to share with you a goal that I have for the year of 2019 and yes I do realize that we are already into February but no it feels less like a new years resolution and just a goal that I have going forward. My goal for 2019 is…

…to use more natural beauty products!!!

Around the holiday season, I ended us getting a lot more all natural products. I did not realize just how much I love them. How much they benefit you compared to products with lots of chemicals and also I end up supporting way more local brands!

Some of the reasons that I want to use natural products and brand because then I can know what I am putting on/in my body, it is also usually better for the environment and it irritates my skin a lot less. It is something that I would recommend looking into if it is something that you would want to try in the future.

Here are some of my favourite natural brands right now:

LUSH * Lush products might not be fully natural but they have a great range of products and still use many natural products. I love the sents and the way I feel fresh after.

K’PURE * This is a local brand out of one of the towns beside where I live. They have a range of beauty/skincare products that I have really loved using. Some of the products that I swear by at the moment are there natural dederant, sleep spray and lip balm!

TUSCAN FARM GARDENS * This is another local brand. They are a garden that created their own lotions, lip balm, and other amazing smelling products. Some of my favourite products are their lip balm, body lotion, and bath salts.

AVEDA * This is a brand that my hair dresser uses all the time. They all smell so good and gives me a feeling that I have healthy hair since I am putting good things onto it.

BIOCLARITY * This is a brand that got sent to me but I have ended us loving. It is a three step skincare routine that is all natural and super good for your skin.

COCONUT OIL * This is not a brand but…Coconut oil is good for everything!!! I use it for my dry scalp, and for teeth whitening in the sense of beauty. But it is also amazing for cooking.

I hope that you liked this post.

love you all so much and until next time,

xoxo Vienna


Written by Vienna

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