Travel Diary: Christmas in Europe (part 2)

I am back with the second part of my Christmas break in Europe with way more pictures and more great memories.

This week started with me leaving Ukraine to go back to Munich, Germany. There I met up with my family who I hadn’t seen in 3 whole months. This seemed like forever to me since it is the longest that I have been away from home. We stayed in Munich from the 22nd to the 26th. It was so fun!

The first night we just settled in to our super small, squishy apartment. We got there in the lat afternoon/evening so after getting settled we went on the hunt for food. We walked to downtown Munich and had a great traditional Bavarian meal. After we walked through a few of the Christmas market stands but the others were all super jet legged so we headed back.

Day two: it was a late start…again jet leg and then we went to go shopping, me totally forgetting that shops are closed on Sunday. We got breakfast in the Christmas market, fresh pastries yum! Then we explored the market, eating our way through. Once we had enough of that we went back and watched a Christmas movie, went for dinner and that was a day!

3: Today we went shopping in the morning. Since it was Christmas Eve we didn’t go for long. We also went to a Christmas Eve mass in downtown Munich which was fun! I got to open a present of pajamas!

One the 4th day it was Christmas day. We stayed in for the morning and opened presents. In the afternoon we took a two-hour bus ride down to the town my school is in, got coffee, saw the view and headed back to Munich.

On the 26th of December, we left Germany and hopped on a train to Vienna, Austria. This is a place that I have wanted to visit ever since I knew I was named after a city. That took a good part of our day so that night we unpacked and got food. We went to bed after that since we only had one day in Vienna and we knew that it would be full.

Our day in Vienna we started with breakfast and Central Cafe, a super old and gorgeous coffee shop. After we went on a hop on hop off bus tour around the city. It is so pretty and I am going back at some point in my life to explore it more! We also went skating on one of the coolest ice rinks I have ever seen.

The next day we left for Belgium; the land of waffles, chocolate, and fries but that is for the next travel diary! I hope that you enjoyed part two of my travel diary and I can’t wait to finish this three part series next week!

love you guys so much,

until next time, xoxo