Guys, being away I almost forgot to share with you about helping with Operation Christmas Child this year! I ended up packing my box before I left so it just flew from my mind. But before national box collection that is happening, which is this weekend by the way…I wanted to share with you what I put in my box!

I hope you enjoy

I was packing for a girl that would most likely be 10-14 but also could be for a girl 5-9 on the labels.

What I packed:

  1. a t-shirt
  2. earrings
  3. a necklace
  4. a face cloth
  5. a bar of soap
  6. a mirror
  7. scissors
  8. pencil crayons
  9. a pencil sharpener
  10. a pen
  11. some mini notebooks
  12. a calculator
  13. a tote bag
  14. as well sometimes it is nice to put in a personal note

I hope this gave you some ideas or decided to pack a box this year.

xoxo Vienna


Written by Vienna

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