Hello my lovelies! I hope that you had an amazing week! This week at school I went to thermal pools, finished an essay had too many cups of coffee, and so much fun! Today I wanted to go more into what I have been doing in my spare time at school. I hope you enjoy seeing what I have been up to and maybe you can also start up something new in your free time!

  1. Knitting! One of the pass time activities I have learned this past month is knitting. I am starting with a scarf. It is fun while sitting around talking with friends and snacking.
  2. Going Out for Coffee. Being a student I can never have enough coffee. This has been a great way to get to know people better or have some alone time as well as getting any work done.
  3. Go Out of the City. I love exploring so on some of the days that we don’t have lectures it is fun to go with a group friends to a surrounding city. Go and eat ice cream, coffee, and too many pastries!
  4. Just go on a Walk. It is another way to either get alone time or to catch up with friends. It is perfect fall weather right now to go out before dinner and feel the crisp air on your face.
  5. Read a Book. If I can find some quiet time it is always nice to pick up a book and cozy up!
  6. Craft! Something that I have started doing a little bit is pressing leaves to later make into bookmarks. I think this is so fun and doesn’t cost much since all you really need is clear tape, scissors, and your pressed leaves and flowers.
  7. Take a Nap. Naps are key to survival in school so once in a while, it is nice to take a nap after lunch or when I get a chance.

What is your favourite do in fall during your free time? Miss you guys so much and until next time,

Xoxo Vienna


Written by Vienna

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