Moving to a new environment really can take a toll on your skin. This has caused me to up my skincare game! I have always been super lucky to have not had many problems with my skin but I still like to take good care of my skin! Since I have changed up my skin care routine since the last time I shared it with you I thought that I would share my updated routine! I hope you enjoy it and or get some tips even though I am not a skin care expert!


Morning: I like to wipe off all of my old makeup residue from the day before as well as excess oils. Then even when it is not sunny outside I always try to put on my moisturizer that has 30 spf. This is mostly for preventative stuff when I get older.

Moisturizer I use:


Evening: In the evening is when I do most of my skin care. I will start off my wiping my face off with my Norwex cloth. If the makeup gets super stuck on my face I will put makeup remover on the cloth but for the most part water works great.

Then I will sometimes use a facemask. The most recent mask that I have been using is the Jet Leg mask by Summer Friday but I also have used random sheet masks or coffee grounds and honey!

Then I have started using Bio-Clarities 3 step face care routine. Which I think has been really helping my face! The first step is just a cleanser to take any extra dirt off! Then the next step is a treatment for acne but it is also good to put on acne prone parts of your face. The final step is Restore, which is a face mask that just absorbs into my/your skin. The restore has chlorophyll in it to help your skin feel and look healthier!

What I use:

Norwex Cloth

Jet Lag Facemask

Bio Clarity

I hope you liked reading about my skin care routine!

Until next time,

Love you all,

xoxo Vienna


Written by Vienna

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