Hello my beautiful friends, it has been a minute!

I hope that you are doing well. I cannot believe that I have already been away from home for a whole month! I have never been away from home for that long. (sorry if it is annoying how much I am talking about Germany so much) A few weeks ago I asked for some blog inspiration because I have found myself at a wall… One of the ideas you gave me was what differences I have seen between fashion back home and Style here in Germany. I thought that might be a fun topic to share so here we go!

One thing that I have found while being here is that they are not as big on dresses and skirts. I am not sure if it is just because they are not as cute or if it is more of a societal thing. I on the other hand love dresses and skirts! I brought along a few different ones to wear and some of my friends that live here were talking about the lack of skirts and dresses here!


Another thing that I find different here is the idea of being more conservative as a whole. I am not sure if that is just because of the area I am in or the time of year but even though it is warm there are less ripped pants, mid-riffs, and cleavage. I am not mad about this because I am someone who dresses more modestly already.

On a similar note I find that they dress more business casual here. They dress up more on a daily basis than at home. There are less leggings and oversized sweaters here for sure!


I have noticed that they love pairing cute runners (not athletic ones per say) with jeans all the time. So many people do it and I am all for it! I loved this trend back home when it was not as big but now that everyone and their Grandma is styling their runners I am fully in!!!


I am not sure if it is just me but I also find mostly in store that they love patterns here that I would never expect to wear back home I am wondering if it is one of the fashion styles that has not really translated over to North America yet. I am also not sure if I will be experimenting with those pieces, at least not yet anyway…


That is most of the style differences that I have noticed over this month in Germany. I hope that no one gets offended and this is also just what I have seen in the South of Germany. But until next time,

Love you lots




Written by Vienna

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