Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadians!

It feels strange celebrating my first holiday away from my friends and family…the thing is we actually are celebrating American Thanksgiving instead of today so I am not even celebrating. Anyway, I hope that you all have an amazing day surrounded by people you love and are thankful for.

On a total other note, Today I just wanted to share some of the looks that I have been wearing these last two weeks! I have been finding it hard to blog here so bare with me this next month or so as I am going through a big transition. I do realize that these are all on Instagram so if you want to see more of them you should totally go check them out at @basicblogerss (shameless plug I know)

Outfit One: This was the first day exploring the nearest big city, Friedrichshafen! It was so fun looking around at the cute building, shopping (for Birkenstocks) and eating Gelato, which we do a lot here. It was a little chilly there that day and I also wanted to stay comfy for walking around in this outfit! It is a classic so I know that it would work perfectly!

Outfit Two: Not many picture of this but this was from my second time going to Friedrichshafen. As you can see…more gelato! I love the city so when more people were going a day or so later I decided to join them! The outfit I am wearing is pretty simple as I wanted to have my jacket as the statement piece.

Outfit Three: This day we went the opposite direction to a town called Meersburg. It was so cute with all the old buildings! Again we explored all the sights and eat more gelato… We had people there who had gone to the school pervious years to show us all the cool spots to go! This town has such a cute history and you should really check it out! I have fallen hard for my leopard print shirt so I am wearing it yet again and I paired it with some jeans to keep it casual!

Outfit Four: This was an outfit that I wore to Church, this is still one of my favourite dresses. I took these pictures because without trying I ended up twinning with one of the friend that I made here!

Outfit Five: This is an outfit that I found to be one of the comfiest things ever!!! I got these pants from H&M and they are a super stretchy material that is so nice. I paired it with a plain white top since they are such a statement by them selves and it was raining that morning, which made me so happy, so I wore my rain jacket in top!


I hope that you liked this post, sorry that it was all a little thrown together. I hope that you have a great week, I am super thankful for you all.

Until next time




Written by Vienna

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