Hey guys, a lot has happened since we last talked. So instead of doing your average travel blogger update I though I would try writing a 12 things post. I hope that you enjoy this little update and lets get right into it!

xoxo Vienna

1. I have made it to Germany and to Bible school! It is so pretty here and I can not wait to explore!

2. The fact that I am half way around the world from all my friends and family is a super weird thought and I miss them already.

3. Today, Germany time, I went to Austria to do some rock climbing with a small group of students! It was so cool and a somewhat surreal experience.

4. A few things that I am not used to are the fact that I have to pay for water and to go to the bathroom…that just seems strange to me.

5. Apparently Birkenstocks are pretty cheap here on Amazon and I can not wait to check them out.

6. Germany Really reminds me of BC with all the mountains and trees as well as the fact that they have so many apple orchards which helps make me feel a little less homesick.

7. I found some friends that I am going to try to work out with every morning…we will see how that goes. So far we are off to a good start, going on a run this morning!

8. One big thing that could be a struggle for me is the fact that in the school there are only 2 wifi rooms. I like to blame it on the fact that I am a blogger but in reality I am just addicted to my phone lol.

9. It is crazy home many Canadians are here! I heard that about 50% of the students are Canadian…I have ended up having out with mostly American lol.

10. I didn’t experience too much jet leg luckily, I have been a bit tired though.

11. It has been hard contacting people bak home. It is a nine hour time difference which can be really hard at times.

12. I am so excited for all God has planned for me this year and can not wait to see how He holds me into a better person!


I hope you liked that little update, I can not wait to share more!

But until next time!


Written by Vienna

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