I don’t know if it has totally set in that I am leaving for Germany in a couple of weeks, I still need to pack… While I am in the process of procrastinating I though that I would share some potential looks that you might see me in on my plane trip to the other side of the world!

I hope that you enjoy and that it gives you some ideas for your upcoming travels!

xoxo Vienna

  1. Forever Comfy

Sweatshirt: Peace Collective (click here)

Bottoms: Lululemon (click here)

Shoes: Birkenstocks

2. Chic Flyer

Top: Urban Outfitters (click here)

Bottoms: Levi’s (click here)

Shoes: Cougar (click here)

Cardigan: Ardilla’s United (click here)

Hat: Le Chateau

3. Comfy Chic

Sweater: Peace Collective (click here)

Leather Jacket: Simon’s

Leggings: Lululemon (click here)

Runners: Nike

4. A Vancouver Approach

Top: Hollister

Bottoms: Levi’s (click here)

Shoes: Cougar (click here)

Jacket: Hudson’s Bay

Hat: Canucks Store


Until next time,




Written by Vienna

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