I am already looking forward to fall, it is probably my favourite season! I love to get cozy and drink my hot apple cider, also going to the pumpkin patch…I hope I can find one in Germany! Today I wanted to share what trends I am most looking forward to this fall!

I hope that you enjoy…

  1. Leopard Print. I AM STOKED FOR THIS!!! I can not express how into this trend I am! I have a printed shirt that I ordered on the way and I hope to get more. A while ago I saw Lauren Elizabeth wearing leopard print pants, I have been in love ever since!
  2. Checkered Print. This trend is super cute, I got a pair of checked pants for $20(click here) that will go perfect with a plain top! Super cute and super on trends(with the patterned pants trend as well!)
  3. Leather Jackets. This is a trend that is huge over in Italy right now that I thought even though is not huge at the moment I need to wear!
  4. Detailed Shoes.This is such a good way to spice up an outfit, especially when you have less going on with you look to begin with!
  5. Midi Dresses/Skirts. I would wayyyyyy rather wear a longer dress or skirt than a short one. I feel so much better and then I don’t have to worry about flashing people!(click here)
  6. Loafers.I love a look paired with penny loafers. They are nice and simple but great to keep an outfit casual chic!(click here)
  7. Black(gucci style) belts. This is a trend that is being brought over from the previous seasons but I still can’t get over its cuteness! Something about a simple belt with simple belt detailing that just brings an outfit together!(click here)
  8. Turtlenecks. I used to hate turtlenecks growing up…they were the worst! Now I have learned to love them. They are a great staple piece for any wardrobe! (click here)
  9. Light Pink anything. I was kinda skeptical about this because I am not much of a pink kinda gal but once I started seeing it in stores I could not say no! It was just too dang cute!(click here)


Written by Vienna

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