Hello guys! I’m so exciting that I can be collaborating with Vienna, because it has only been a little over a month since I started my own blog! I miss blogging with my friends so much, but blogging by myself has been a really fun experience and I love that I can express my own style through my blog!

I cannot believe I am not going back to school this year ahhh! I am taking a gap year and working until March, and then travelling with Vienna and another friend from high school around europe for a month, and then going to bible school in Austria for 2 months. As much as I wished that I could go back to high school and see all my friends, I’m so excited for what the future holds 🙂

For today’s post, I wanted to share 5 ways to wear a slip dress. Mine is from Victoria’s Secret, but they have some cute ones at Forever 21 as well! I remember being in school losing track of time doing my hair and makeup and then freaking out because I hadn’t given a single thought on what I was going to wear. Hopefully you will get some ideas on quick outfits to throw on on days that may be a bit more rushed so you won’t be stressed about what to wear like I was way too often!!

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  1. Layering with a T Shirt Underneath

Top: Gap

Belt: SheIn  

I love wearing this little white top under my top, because it doesn’t bunch up under my dress!

  1. Add a denim jacket for colder days

Jacket: Old Navy

I find that there are some days in September that can be a bit chilly in the morning, but can warm up by the afternoon. On these days I will wear a denim jacket for the morning and then tie it around my waist after lunch… both looks are cute!

  1. Layering a blouse over top

Blouse: Gap

For colder days this look is perfect!I will just leave the bottom half of my blouse undone and then tie the ends in a knot.  I think this is a unique way to wear this dress!

  1. Adding a cardigan

At my highschool we has a really strict dress code, so I would always layer a sweater or cardigan over my dresses that has spaghetti straps

  1. Layering a skirt over the dress

I think this is my favourite way to wear this dress! If you are worried about your dress being too dressy or too short (which is a common problem for me!) than I love wearing a skirt over top! I wear my volleyball shorts underneath and tuck my dress in so it doesn’t peak out of the skirt.


Written by Vienna

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