I would say that I am a simple jewellery person. That saying, I love to wear my jewellery all the time. Today I thought that I would show you my jewellery that I wear all the time and if it has meaning behind it! 

photo by Olivia Mathies

On My right hand I have a stack of three rings that I wear. The bottom ring is a simple silver band that says Agape which is greek for “unconditional love.” I got it when I was on my missions trip to Thailand. We went to the Agape Children’s Home which is a home for HIV+ children that we served at. They were selling rings for a small fundraiser so I decided to get one! I am so lucky that they only had size seven in the Agape ring but they had anther cute one as well in other sizes.

The second ring on that stack is a stackable ring from pandora.(click here) Marley, Rebecca, and I were inspired when the savage squad(Sierra Furtado, Teala Dunn, Eva Gutowski, Meredith Foster) got friendship jewellery for each other and we wanted to do something too!  It has ended up being so much more because we ended up using the first money we ever made blogging.

The top ring I got the most recently. It is a stackable heart ring that I got from a family that has been really close to my family as I was growing up. It was a super thoughtful graduation present that is also from pandora.(click here)

photo by MaiganLee Photography

On my left hand I have two rings. The one on my thumb I picked out in October when they had a ring deal on but then waited until Christmas to get it as a Christmas present. When I originally got the ring it was a size to big so I kept having to take it off. One time I took it off and lost it at school. I bought myself a new one after. A week later during a power outage it fell off and I thought that I lost it again…I found it a few days later.(click here)

The last ring that I got, I actually got just over a week ago. That means I don’t have any pictures with it yet. It was another gift that I got for graduation. I love rose gold and besides my rings all my other jewellery is rose gold so that is why I decided to change it up. I am a real big fan about how simple it is!(click here)

photo by Olivia Mathies

My necklace is yet another graduation present. a few years ago I got a different necklace from my Aunt and Uncle that I would wear all the time but I lost it. That is why they wanted to buy my a new necklace and they knew that I loved rose gold so they got me a necklace and earring set that I love and wear the necklace all day, every day.

My nose piercing is real rose gold from a piercing shop in town. I got it so that I would not lose it on my trip to Thailand. I had gotten cheaper jewellery before but it was something that could fall out easier. Nose piercings close over fast and I did not want that to happen!

photo by Olivia Mathies

My earring are something that my parents got me as a Christmas gift. Yes they are rose gold, my love. I have sensitive ears so I needed something that did not have nickel in it. It isn’t full rose gold but it also has not hurt my ears yet! I love that they are a different design and I have gotten so many compliments on them!(from Montrose and George)

My other earring does not have much of a story, it was the jewellery I got it pierced with!

I hope that you liked learning about my everyday jewellery.

Until next time,

xoxo Vienna


Written by Vienna

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