Best BasicBloggerss Moments

I can not believe that the three of us working together has actually come to an end, it feels strange after over three years to not be working together. Since we have come to the end of an era I though that I would share some of my favourite moments from the past three years today! I hope that you like taking a walk through memory lane.


These are from our first two photoshoots. We had to take them ourselves on a timer and they all ended up blurry, but we still ended up using them! I don’t know how the ones that we took without a timer were blurry too…probably because we had little to no camera experience.

This was the first shoot where we got someone to take our pictures…even if it was my little sister. We used these everywhere.

This was our first professional photoshoot with custom concepts photography. Also our first week with Rebecca! Its was so weird having new people take our picture and actually give us direction.

We love shooting in flowers, the tulip field and the lavender field. It was so fun at the lavender field because we meet some people that followed our blog!

This was the first time a photographer contacted us! It was such a fun shoot and we loved the outcome. She was the photographer that ended up shooting our prom pictures. It was all our first time working with Montrose and George ad that was so fun.

Our dream come true! We got to work with the store we all drooled over since we were little, looking at all the pretty dresses.

Another fun new collar with a photographer. We had a 30 minute shoot before this but those pictures did not do her work justice since it was dark when they were taken. She was so fun to work with!

Oh shocking…more tulip pictures. This was also our last shoot. Such a bitter sweet feeling. This year we shot at the Chilliwack fields. It was a lot prettier and less crowded but few more rules that we ended up breaking for that first picture.

Partners and Events: 

The first person who ever contacted us for a cosmetic company. It was one of the most exciting moments we ever had!

Thanks to Jelly Marketing we were able to partner with Splashdown and do a giveaway with them!

We got invited to an event at the Bay where we got to meet the bachelorette and get some cool drawings. We were a bit overwhelmed.

My aunt got us into a fashion show that celebrates African Heritage, my sisters were involved too!

We got to be media representatives at WE day which was so cool, all thanks to Jelly Marketing. It was such a neat experience.

The first of a year long partnership of activewear. So much fun…so much activewear…

We were on TV for the firs time for a talk show. We had a professional makeup artist and we got to explore Victoria for the day!

WE GRADUATED!!! Where our chapter as a group of 3 ended.

Blog Posts:

Our first website that we started making at midnight on the 13th into the next morning.

These were our first two posts on our first website. It is crazy to see how far we have come!

2015 Holiday Lookbook || with Hannah Lee

Our first blog friend and collar! It was so much fun and we were so excited.

Hot Summer Trends, Cool Summer Treats // with Sevenoaks

This was our first paid partnership It was super exciting and a momentous occasion.

I hope that you liked this was down memory lane!

until next time,

xoxo Vienna