hey guys! I have been so busy lately with grad and finishing track season that I need to have quick and yummy lunches ready for school so here are 3 of my favourite salad recipes 🙂

I just put these in the fridge and in the morning dump it into a container and bring it to school. By putting the dressing on the bottom it will be at the top when everything comes out 😉

Sweet potato Quinoa & Black Bean Salad: bottom to top: hummus, grated carrots, purple cabbage, kale salad mix, quinoa, sweet potato, black beans and some chickpeas

MY FAVE ONE: avocado lime dressing, purple cabbage, black beans, quinoa, sweet potato, kale salad and carrots

Nourish Buddha Bowl: hummus, purple cabbage and carrots, chick peas, quinoa, kale salad with walnuts on top

Have a wonderful week! XO

*inspiration from Pinterest


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