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Since today is my birthday, I thought I would share from my limited experience a few life lessons I have learned…. a few big ones, and a few insignificant ones haha! Being 18 feels so crazy! When I turned 16 and 17, it kind of felt like another year of being a teenager. But turning 18, ahhhhh where did my teenage years go haha!!!

rebecca xx

thank you Jeannine for the photos!! xoxox

  1. Everything in moderation. Diet, exercise, people, and shopping 🙂
  2. Respect people’s time, and you will be respected. Being late is a character flaw of mine and its definitely something I have been working on the year! No matter how many times I tell myself “I’ll just arrive ‘fashionably late,’ its never a good feeling having to rush to get somewhere because of poor time management.
  3. Spend each morning with the Lord. He will fill you with strength for the day, and even just several minutes with Him can shift your mindset for the entire day
  4. New York is always a good idea 😉 especially in the spring
  5. Visit your grandparents when you can! I feel so blessed to live close to al my grandparents, and I so love spending time with them!
  6. Highschool is a time to be spontaneous. Sleep over at friends houses during the week, go to the city with your girlfriends on Fridays and join in on grad skip day!!
  7. Sometimes, your back account will near the negatives, and that’s ok lol!!! Just remember to spend a little less and save a little more.

8. It’s so important to shut off your phone or computer once a day, and disconnect.

9. People in high school won’t remember what wear, they will just remember how you remember how you made them feel. As cheesy as it sounds, kindness is the best first impression <3

10. No matter how healthy you are trying to be, if a friend baked something at a party, have a piece and enjoy every bite

11. Moving your body is essential

12. Self takes only as long as self gives. Time management starts with how long you tell yourself you have.

13. Some friends last forever, and some friends don’t. and that’s ok too.

14. Coffee is a gift from above. Especially McDonald’s iced coffee made with milk and sugar free vanilla 🙂

15. If someone tells you that you’re a giraffe, take it as a compliment haha

16. No matter how tanned you want to get, laying out in the sun with an inch thick of tanning oil may look nice now, but in 25 years, you’ll have wished that was SPF 80 instead

17. Your car is the best place to be yourself and let go of anything that happened during the day. Turn up the Taylor Swift and don’t give a second thought about what the other drivers think 😉

18. Even though I’m 18, I’m only 18, and I have so much to still learn!!


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