Birthday Get togethers seem to be in full force among my friends right now! One of my favourite parts is picking out a present that I think would be perfect for each friend. The hard part can sometimes be when I am not super close they have everything they want to try and find the perfect gift. I know that I am not the only one that shares this struggle so I though I would help you out with some ideas that I have come up with that are NOT a gift card.

  1. Make it a Theme –  Sometimes they don’t know what they want but you know a few things they love like getting glam or coffee. I love grabbing a bunch of things that scream that theme and putting them together . For example if they love spa nights pick out things like bath bombs and a makeup container then you can throw in some Sephora samples and a face mask and there you go!
  2. Go in Together – sometimes the reason that you can’t find anything they would like is because everything is too expensive. If that is the case grab 1 or 2 friends and get them something bigger, they might also have some good ideas!
  3. Spend Time Together – another fun thing to do might be to just hang out with them. If there is a place they love to go or they love shopping you can write in the card you will take them there for a girls day. They if there is something that they want to get that is in your price range buy it for them!
  4. Make Something – It can always be fun to get something handmade. If could be a piece of hanging art, decorate a mug, or make your own bath bombs!
  5. Get a Plant – plants are adorable and almost universally loved. If you don’t know the person too well I would recommend getting a cacti or a succulent in case they are not great with watering but if they are get them something in their favourite colour or to match their room!
  6. Something Matching – Get them something to commemorate your friendship like matching necklaces or rings. It could even be a fun shirt that you both get!

I hope thins helped you for your next birthday shopping trip so it is less hectic!

until next time

xoxo Vienna


Written by Vienna

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