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I wanted to do a quick tutorial on these curls that I have been going to a lot recently! My hair holds a curl fairly well, but in particular these curls stay in way longer than when I use a wand! I have quite dry hair, and so I can go 3-4 days between washes. I try not to do these curls every single day, just because it is soo bad for my hair, but if I curl my hair after I get out of the shower, the rest of the week I can touch up the curls here and there, and they stay in really well without too much more heat!

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*I also just recently got lightroom, so I have been playing around with it a bit haha. So bear with me as I figure out the look I want! 🙈 * LOL I’m sure I’ll look back in a few years at these pictures and be like, “what the heck was I thinking with this editing hahah”

1. Prep your hair
  • This is so important, especially when curling your hair with a flat iron! I always begin with spraying my hair with a good heat protectant. My hair dresser recommended this one to me, and I love them smell of it!
2. Comb out any tangles
  • to make sure your flat iron runs smoothly when you are curling your hair, you will want to brush your hair really well to get out any knots or tangles (maybe even straighten a few of the really crazy pieces beforehand if your hair has a bit of frizz).  I also love to use a deep conditioner every time I am in the shower so my hair is extra soft and free of tangles.

3. Time to curl!
  • begin by sectioning off your hair into several layers depending on the thickness. I typically need to do 2 or 3 layers.
  • Starting at the bottom layer, clap your flat iron onto a small piece of hair, as if you were going to straighten it.
  • While twisting the iron 90 degrees away from your face, begin to slowly moving the iron down your hair. At first, it will take a bit of practice to get used to twisting the iron and moving it down your hair, but after a while you will be able to curl your entire head in about 10 minutes, depending on the thickness.
  • continue curling the rest of your hair, and add a bit of texturizing spray for a more wind-swept look.
  • If you’re having a bit of trouble with getting the technique down, I suggest watching this tutorial on how to curl your hair with a flat iron!

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