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My Prom Essentials

Prom is just around the corner…

I am so excited but somewhat nervous that I don’t have anything ready for the big day. I hope that I am not the only one. Today I thought that I would share my prom checklist and essentials with you. I know I may not be super experienced but I have been reading up about what I should bring and though that I would share them with you.

Checklist before the actual day:

  1. Dress and alterations…This may be too late for the grad class of 2018 but even 2019 girls can be on the hunt for last season sales. The best timeline is to get a dress before Christmas so that you can have plenty of time to get alterations done after.
  2. Hair/appointment…Hair appointments also should be made plenty of time unlike your average hair cut and colour so that no one from your school takes your hairdresser.
  3. Nails…your appointment your your nail colour.
  4. Jewellery…Depending on your outfit; a hair piece, earrings, necklace, rings, bracelets, and a clutch. A clutch is very important to carry all your necessities even if your dress has pockets!
  5. Shoes…Make sure that you get these before you get alterations for the alterations. Also it is great to get them in advanced so that you can break them in and they will be more comfortable for the big day!
  6. Photographer…The sooner you can get on this the better so that your photographer does not get booked up. It is also great to look for deals photographers in the area. Also see if any family friends know anyone.
  7. Makeup/Appointment…This depends on if you decided to do your own makeup or not. If your are watch a lot of tutorials before and look at colour palettes. If you are getting it done make sure that you have a trial before.
  8. Teeth Whitening…I like to make sure my teeth are pearly white for prom. The best way to do that is with Beautiful Bright Smile teeth whitening kit! This makes me feel more confident for pictures.
  9. Tanning…I am super pale so this is something that I have to think of but if you are a natural tanned goddess you are really blessed. You will have to figure our if you first of all want to tan then if you are going to get a spray tan, use a tanning bed, or use self tanner.

Checklist for the Day:

  1. Flats…that is if you are wearing heels so that at the dance you don’t have to dance bare feet on the dirty floor when your feet get tired.
  2. Bandaids…
  3. Makeup for touchups…You are going to be partying it up all night with your friends and family and you want your makeup to look amazing in pictures all through the night. Things I would focus on would be lip colour, face powder, and eyelash glue if you are using falsies.
  4. Needle and thread…This could be more important than you think. If you or a friend gets a tear in your dress you have something to fix it!
  5. Cellphone…Don’t forget lol. I might as well put this on the list since the day could be very hectic.
  6. Advil…All day wearing shoes or a bobby pin sticking into your head could cause for an awful night. Make sure that you have some ail so that you can party it up and not get too tired too soon.

I hope this helped you for the big day! I know it will help me when I get in a panic! Thank you for reading

until next time

xoxo Vienna