Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! <3 I have been so blessed to have my mom not only as a parent, but also as a best friend! I love you mom!!! It can be hard sometimes for me to figure out what to get my mom for Mother’s Day and her birthday, because I feel like no present will ever express how much I really love her! Of course, I love to surprise her with flowers every now and then, but I am always stuck on what to get her for Mother’s day. As I have gotten older, I have realized that she appreciates acts of service more than gifts! My mom is always giving up her time to serve others, and so I can tell that is her love language, and often people show love the way they want to be loved back! (if you have no idea what I’m talking about than you can take this test to see what your love language is!)

Here are a few ideas on how you can bless your mom not just on Mother’s Day, but every single day! <3

xx, Rebecca

1. Do something unexpected for her

Since I am still at school and live with my parents (and 4 other siblings) the dishwasher get full really quick! I know it is a huge blessing for my mom if she comes home to a cleared dishwasher, and especially if I have a free block in the morning, I will do my best to leave the kitchen nice and tidy.

2. Enjoy each other’s company

I know my mom loves walking, and so I try to go with her at least 5 times a week on a good power walk! (haha I have to make sure I look have decent because I have people come up to me ALL the time telling me that they see my mom and I walking lol) We try and go in the morning before school, and lately it has been super lovely weather, but on the days when it’s pouring and she asks me if I still want to go on a walk with her, I (almost!) always say yes because I know she loves the company <3

3. Remember that moms have bad days too!

Some mornings are so crazy with having lots of kids in the house, and I’m sure there are days my mom is secretly excited to go to work and have a break from the kids haha. But if she has a big presentation at work or had a rough morning, I know it’s a huge blessing to her when I send her a little text letting her know how thankful I am for her and that I’m praying for her!

4. When in doubt, flowers!!

We have this super cute little tulip stand right by my house, and I love surprising my mom with a bouquet every not and then 🙂 something so simple can brighten any moms day!

how do you show your mom that you love her?


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