My Current Spring Skincare Routine

Hello everyone! So many people have been telling me that my skin is looking clearer and it makes my day!! I know how it feels to have bad breakouts (I hate the word acne) and I want to help everyone clear up there skin <3

step 1: I have been obsessed with this Pink House Organics cleanser that is made here locally. Someone once told me that you cannot clear your skin by adding tons of chemicals and trying to “burn” them off your face; you have to give your skin a break and use natural products and take no makeup days.

If I’m feeling that my skin needs some extra help I use the Thayers witch hazel toner but I mainly use it as a setting spray once Im done my makeup to refresh my skin

step 2 morning: In the morning if I have any active breakouts then I use this Peter Thomas Roth spot treatment cream, wait for it to dry then massage this Midnight Paloma face oil into my skin to help heal my scars and spots.

step 3: For moisturizer it’s REALLY simple because I don’t like spending $123029 so I have this Exact A&E lotion (from Superstore) or Aloe Vera for when my skin is burnt or peeling 🙂

step 2 nighttime: At night I use a prescribed cream from my doctor to stop breakouts

step 4 twice a week: I use this Boscia charcoal pore pudding mask to balance my skins dryness and oils

A few things that I have been doing to help my skin are:

What is one of your favourite skin products right now? I love trying new things!!

xo Marley