wow guys!!! These last few weeks have gone by so fast, and I wish I could relive it all again!! I love travelling so much, and I have been lucky to have travelled all over the US these last 2 weeks! Even if it means only 2 hours of sleep on a plane at night, or long travel days, I am so excited to graduate high school and travel more ahh <3

This week I was in Florida and New Orleans for a choir trip with my school. (there were almost 90 of us!!!) This would have been my 4th time to Orlando, but I have never been with all my friends, and we had the best time! We were so lucky to have nice, hot weather every day (I love it when its super hot!! like, 30+C is the best! 🙂 We sang at a festival in Universal studios, so we spent a few days at Universal, as well as going to the beach! We only stayed 4 days in Florida, before taking a 10 hour bus ride overnight to New Orleans. (I can luckily sleep just about anywhere, but I will say that earplugs were my best friend on this trip!) We weren’t singing in a festival in NOLA, but we went to jazz fest and heard some amazing vintage jazz music! I have never really been into jazz music, but after this trip I have a totally new appreciation for it!

Rebecca xx

^^ at our resort in Orlando! The Cabana Bay was loooovely, and it had the cutest vintage theme!

^^Universal 🙂

^^ by the pool at our resort! they had sand  and palm trees all around the pools; ohmy, thinking about the pool makes me want to back right now!!

^^ my friends and I waited in line for an hour to get into Voodoo donuts, and it was totally worth it!

^^ the first day at Jazz Fest in NOLA! Think, a small Coachella with lots of older people and lots of jazz music (The gospel tent was our fav!). I’ll also be doing an outfit post soon of what I wore on this trip!

^^ NOLA has some of the most unique buildings and houses! We went on a little walking tour and the guide told us a lot about the history, but I honestly don’t remember most of it ahaha. What I do remember is that the buildings are a mix of Spanish and French design!

^^ Our hotel (Bienville House) in NOLA! This was the courtyard, and the pool was almost hot tub temperature so a bunch of us would go swimming each night… SO FUN!!

^^Some of the grads on the trip!! ahh next month we graduate!!


Where are some of your favourite places to travel?


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