12 things in Florida & NOLA!

Hey guys! I am so sorry that this post is going up so late ahh. This past week I went to Orlando & New Orleans with my school choir/band and had SO much fun!

  1. we stayed in the Cabana Bay resort in Orlando and it was GORGEOUS
  2. I held a baby alligator in New Orleans and it was so cute!
  3. I love being warm but it is super humid here in Louisiana and I don’t think I could live with it ah
  4. when we get home I think Rebeca, Vienna and I will go to the tulip festival with one of our photographers!
  5. I LOVE eating at random local cafes and this was a funky hotdog shop but I have a phobia of hotdogs (long story don’t ask ahah) so I got this apple potato one with blackberry sauce and guac *heart eyes* 
  6. there are so many cute buildings and streets that we passed in Orlando (this is in universal)
  7. I went to Harry Potter world for the first time and had so much fun exploring! 
  8. orlando was pretty touristy and everything looked fancy whereas New Orleans is more walking everywhere and random souvenir shops (but were staying in the cutest French hotel!) but we found an Urban Outfitters on our street YAY
  9. I got a Fitbit right before we left for this trip and its so helpful to always have the time on me without my phone (also fun to see step counts)
  10. this week went by so fast and I cannot wait to be home and eat home cooked meals
  11. I would totally recommend travelling to different cities, taking tours and diving into different cultures!
  12. it’s getting late here and I still need to pack before tomorrow so goodnight!!

XO Marley